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Assorted Branches, Twigs and Vines

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Manzanita, Trees and Logs

 24" natural, order number: drist-04223-12 = $205.50 / case of 12
 24" sanded, order number: drist-04224-12 = $378.50 / case of 12

Sierra Manzanita


20" polished - 6 pieces per pack, 12 packs per case

order number: drist-04776-12
$152.50 / case of 12

24" overall 36" overall

Natural Grapewood Branchy
order number: drist-03408tx-06
$175.50 / case of 6

Sandblasted Grapewood Branchy
order number: drist-03411tx-06
$725.50 / case of 6

18" sandblasted 3" - 4" x 3' - 4' sandblasted

Ghostwood Branchy
order number: drist-03407tx-12
$425.50 / case of

Ghostwood Log
order number: drist-03242tx-12
$365.50 / case of 12

6" x 14" - sandblasted 24" - 30" sandblasted

Grapewood Log XLG
order number: drist-03420-12
$315.50 / case of 12

Ghostwood Branchy - case
order number: drist-03204tx-25
$625.50 / case of 25

Mossy Branches

3 to 4 ft, 5 pieces per bunch, 12 bunches per case approx 26" - 36"

Coastal Range Moss Branches - case
order number: drikn-33704920-12
$166.50 / case of 12


Mossy Limbs
order number: drikn-33719501-12
$78.50 / case of 15
out of stock


48" overall 8 oz - natural 4 oz - natural

Palm Boat
order number: drist-05069-10
$250.50 / case of 10
out of stock

Palm Net
order number: drist-05090-18
$82.50 / case of 18

Palm Fiber
order number: drist-05080-18
$123.50 / case of 18

Sweet Huck Branches

8 oz / bunch, 22-26" long 8 oz / bunch, 22-26" long

Fire Sweet Huck Branches - case
order number: drikn-33750168-12
$169.50 / case of 12

Natural Sweet Huck Branches - case
order number: drikn-33750101-12
$110.50 / case of 12

4 oz / bunch

White Sparkle Sweet Huck Branches - case
order number: drikn-44750186-12
$99.50 / case of 12

approx 15" long - 4 oz package approx 15" long - 4 oz package approx 15" long - 4 oz package

22-26" Red Berry Sweet Huck
order number: drikn-28750116-12
$125.50 / case of 12

22-26" Green Berry Sweet Huck
order number: drikn-28750120-12
$125.50 / case of 12

22-26" Bittersweet Berry Sweet Huck
order number: drikn-28750167-12
$125.50 / case of 12


8 oz bag

Natural Angel Vine
order number: drimf-72700-06
$82.50 / pack of 6


36-40", 3 pieces per bunch 36-40", 3 pieces per bunch

Mitsumata - Bleached
order number: drimf-98074-04
$74.50 / pack of 4

48" Bleached Mitsumata - case
order number: drikn-33716028-12
$87.50 / case of 12


specify: natural, basil, bleached or walnut - 5 pieces per pack, 30 packs per case

Kuwa - case
order number: drist-03855-30
$265.50 / case of 30


36" - 10 stems / bunch

Pear Branches
order number: drimf-90604-04
$68.50 / pack of 4

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